Words of the Heart

Let’s start by playing with some of the combined words having to do with the heart. Ask:

  • Have you heard of hard-hearted, softhearted, bighearted? What does each mean?
  • Can you think of any more?.. Great! (If not mentioned, you may want to add small-hearted, mean-hearted, halfhearted.)

Instruct children to make a small story-book with the characters as hearts of different kinds. They can illustrate the different hearted characters on each page and write a statement about what that heart would say. You may want students to share one page of their complete book in front of the class.

Continue the above discussion by asking students to think of characters in literary works they have been studying recently. What actions of the characters reveal they are mean-hearted, bighearted, etc? Ask which of those characters they would like to join them in their world now, and why. They could write a short essay on this topic.

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