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in the framework of the project “ I choose good will” 2014

«Fairy Tales оf а Beautiful Heart» is a contest of creative works, made by children of different nationalities, living in different countries of the world, with the positive contents which reflects the ideas of kindness and nonviolence. The contest has been held since 2011 under the aegis of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.
In 2014 in the framework of the project «I choose good will» with the support of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO the Third International Contest of children’s creativity «Fairy Tales оf а Beautiful Heart».

The motto of this contest is «Life is a Miracle»

The miracle is not the house that gives us a shelter
and warmth or the walls that belong to us.
The miracle is that it un noticeably gives us
stocks of tenderness and it forms in the depth of our heart
unknown layers, where dreams like water of a spring are born.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

How many miracles happen in our world every second? Only few of them are noticed and recognized by people, are they?
Isn’t it a miracle when it snows, a star appears in the sky, a baby is born, a man or an animal, forests, soil, water are saved or the sun that rises and sets every day or support that is given to a friend in need or a bold gesture, a brave decision, or aesthetic pleasure that arises when you watch a masterpiece made by nature or a genius?

There is nothing better than wonderful true friendship or sincere real love.
There is nothing better than the feeling of being yourself, the chance to understand your inner world and improve yourself every day, help people to become better and kinder, believe in miracles and create them every day, every minute, take small steps, contemplate the beauty of the world, create wonders around you and involving other people in it, become a magician of your own life, be able to change the world around you, supporting kindness, purity, justice of this world, recreate beauty and harmony, enjoy your journey of life. Believe that life is miracle.

We invite children ( aged 7-17) and adults, who support children’s desire to create kindness and «choose good will» to take part in the contest.
Tell us about wonders of life, show them and share this miracle with the world.


The organizers of the contest

  • Moscow Organizational Methodical Centre «School Books»
  • interregional public organisation «The Centre of Spiritual Development”
  • Moscow Institute of Open Education

The aims of the contest

  • to spread the ideas of kindness, culture, peace and nonviolence
  • to develop and support the participants’ universal values
  • to promote tolerance
  • to develop children’s creative ability
  • to create conditions for children and teenagers, including gifted children and children with disabilities, to develop their creative self-realization
  • to identify gifted children and create conditions for their self-realization
  • to help to organize curricular and extracurricular activities
  • to develop environmental awareness and socio-ecological activity
  • to spread the results and publish the best works of the contest

The theme of the contest «Life as a Miracle»
Participants of the contest
Children and teenagers aged 7-17
The participants are divided into the following aged groups
1. 7-11 years old ( primary school)
2. 12-14 years old (secondary school)
3. 15-17 years old (high school)

The nomination of the contest

1. A composition in one of the following genres: a fairy tale, an essay, a sketch, a legend, a parable, a science fiction story.
The theme is «Life is a miracle»
2. Illustrations of the selected compositions of the winners of the first and second contests «Fairy Tales оf а Beautiful Heart», which meet the requirements of the contest of 2014 «Life is a Miracle». The list of the compositions which can be illustrated can be found on the site www.good-wish.ru The theme is «Miracles in a painting»

General requirements for the gist of the works
«Fairy Tales оf а Beautiful Heart» are creative works which

  • reflect the values of friendship, non-violence, heace, respect, patience, courage, hope, harmony with nature, etc.
  • have a happy ending in which good prevail finally over evil and there are no losers
  • provide creative and non-violent decisions of problem situations
  • tell the readers about good and beauty, the guest for peace, patience and courage, faith in the triumph of love and friendship, genuine concern about the environment change the personality of the character and the world for the better
  • remind the reader that the nature which surrounds us is fragile and unprotected and we are responsible for our beautiful planet and living creatures that live on it.

Requirements for the gist and design of the works can be found in Chapters 3-4
The terms of the contest
The contest is held from 20 February till 20 December 2014
The deadline for the submission of works is 20 April
The first round is regional which is held from 21 April till 20 May 2014
The deadline for submission of works chosen for the final round is 20 May 2014
The second round is final correspondence round which is held from 21 May till 20 June.
The results of the final correspondence round will be published on the site www.good-wish.ru on 23 June 2014
The deadline for submission of application for full-final round is 15 September 2014
The third round is full-final round of finalists in Moscow ( additional information will be published on the site www.good-wish.ru

II The stages of organization of the competition

Round 1 is registration
The registration of participants and the submission of works is on the site www.konkurs.good-wish.ru ( electronic application)
Round 2 The first round ( regional)
A region is a country for foreign country and a region, a republic, a territory or a federal city.
The federal coordinators are responsible for the organization of the competition. Regional coordinators can be legal or physical persons.
Regional coordinators are requested to register on the site www.konkurs.good-wish.ru

The responsibilities of the regional coordinators

  • to inform child institutions of the region, relevant departments and ministries and mass media about the contest
  • to render assistance with registration of participants and contest works in the computerized system on the site
  • to organize the work of the regional jury
  • to execute the decisions of the jury Protocol
  • to register the results of the regional round on the site
  • to send the protocol of the jury to the central committee of the contest to the email address konkurs.skazok2014@yandex.ru

The work of the regional coordinator of the contest is awarded with a diploma of the contest.
The recommendations for regional coordinators and the form of the protocol can be found in the appendix.
Round 3 is the final correspondence round. It is held in Moscow. The Final jury of the contest chooses finalists and winners of the contest.
The number of works to be sent to the final correspondence round from a region

compositions: the works which took the first place in their aged group regardless of the genre;
illustrations –works which took the first place in their aged group.
Round 4 The third full-final round is held in Moscow for the finalists of the contest. Invitations, terms and the preliminary programme of the final round will be sent by the committee from 25 June 2014

III The Nomination «Composition»

The theme is «Life as a Miracle»
The works can be both individual and collective in one of the following genres:

  • a fairy tale,
  • an essay,
  • a sketch,
  • a legend,
  • a parable,
  • a science fiction story.

The works can be both individual and collective. A collective work is a composition which has several authors. A collection which consists of several individual works cannot be called a collective work and cannot be accepted.
The work are accepted in the electronic form in the word processor Word or Open Office. Each work should be in a separate file. The work can contain the author’s illustrations of the participants. Illustrations from the Internet cannot be taken into consideration. The number of words is 600-1200 words, for aged groups 7-11 years old from 300 up to 1200 words.

The criteria for the evaluation and methodical recommendations will be published on the site www.good-wish.ru and on the site of the co-organisers.

IV The nomination «Illustrations»

Happiness can be held only if you pass it furthe
Werner Mitch

The participants of the first and second contests created wonderful literary works, which will become the subject of artistic creativity this year. We suggest the list of selected works written by the winners in 2012-2013 for the nomination «Illustration».
Choose one of the compositions, suggested for illustrations. Read it again and imagine which moments you would like to illustrate vividly and graphically: the character, the event, the nature, the details of the interior etc. Draw the most vivid moment of the fairy tale you like most of all.
Requirements for the design of the works
1. The title of the selected composition
2. The title of the illustrations. Write the title of your illustration
3. A brief description of the work. Write a short commentary on your illustration not more than1 page to explain what you wanted to show, why you have chosen this way, these colours, this design; describe what your another illustration of this composition could be
4. An illustration is made on a sheet of paper of any shape: round, square, rectangular. The size is not less than Format A3
5. The techniques are pencil, soft-tip pens, gouache, water colour, pastel crayons
6. The maximum number of illustrations is two
7. The illustrations should be scanned and uploaded to the site www.good-wish.ru using the formats ipg, tif, pdf, png. The size is 300-600 Kb The minimum resolution is 640×480, the full resolution is 1200×1600
8. The originals of the works selected for the final should be sent by post by 1August at the latest to the address
The Interregional Organization ‘The Centre of Spiritual Development”
2, Building 2, Lobachika St

The date of the delivery and the number of the postal packet should be sent to the email address konkurs.skazok2014@yandex.ru. The works should not be rolled up or bent.

V The assessment of works

The following criteria should be taken into consideration

  • relevance to the theme of the contest
  • relevance to the theme, genre, requirements and methodical recommendations
  • the general positive mood of the work, the reflection of universal values
  • the originality of the plot and the author’s position
  • the richness of imagination and the author’s creative approach
  • the depth of coverage of the chosen theme
  • the level of artistic work
  • the depth of emotional and esthetic impact

VI The announcement of the results

The results of all rounds will be published on the site of the contest within 3 days after the deadline of the round.
The results of each aged group are announced separately. The winners ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd places) are defined for each aged group. The jury may decide to give some additional nominations.
The winners ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd places) are awarded diplomas.
All participants of the final round of the contest are given certificates of the finalists.
Teachers who supervise the participants are not given separate diplomas. The name and the surname of the teacher are published in the diploma of the participant.
The winner of the contest will be awarded at the solemn event.
All expenses, connected with the arrival at the festive event of nonresident participant, should be covered by the organization that sends the participants or by the participants themselves.

VII The author’s rights

Adult representatives of the participants should guarantee that the works sent to the contest are their property and do not belong to other people and confirm that that know the responsibility for infringement of copyright of other people.
Sending the works to the contest the legal representatives of the author provide the written consent to the use of the material with non-commercial purposes (place in the Internet, in the print media, on the booths with the surname of the author). The written consent can be found in the appendix.

Contact information
Site www.good-wish.ru
Email address konkurs.skazok2014@yandex.ru


Registration form for the regional coordinator
The record of the meeting of the Jury of the regional round
Consent to the publication of personal data and the creative work

Fairy Tales оf а Beautiful Heart

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