In the World of Love

Objectives: • to teach children to express their feeling in good words;

• to develop benevolent attitude;

• to develop skills of positive communication, positive attitude to different life situations;

• to continue developing love to the surrounding world.


  • creating conditions for emotional perception;
  • developing creativity; practising to express love to the surrounding world.


Coloured paper, glue, coloured pencils, stencil in the heart form,  of a heart, paper butterflies made beforehand, fairy tale «Squirrel and Wolf».


Children form a circle, hold hands and say each other good, kind words they like to hear and speak to their family or friends. A teacher approves children when they speak.

Ask:– What every person feels when someone is saying «I love you» to him?

– Do you like when you are loved? How can you express your love?Ask children to draw hearts using stencil and decorate them. Say:

– Let’s write down names of those people whom we love inside the heart.

Let children do and explaine.

– Everyone of you can give love to many people around you with this «small heart».

– Now let’s rest.

Physical exercises «Circle of Joy».

Ask children to take their seats and listen to the story «Squirrel and Wolf».

A teacher reads the story.

– Now I’d like to to answer my questions.


– What is the title of the story?

– Who are the main characters?

– Whom did Squirrel see when it fell down?

– What did it ask Wolf about?

– What did Wolf answered?

– What did Squirrel told about when Wolf let it go?

Approve right answers.

– Now think what should person do to be called «a kind person»? What do you think,  are you a kind person?


– At our hand work lesson we made butterflies and you said that we have to care not only about people, but also about insects and animals. Without them nature would be impoverished and lose its brightness.

– Now, in autumn, there ere no butterflies. And our butterflies will always be with us.

Help children to put their butterflies to the wall.

Make conclusions and give a home task: together with their parents to create a story on the theme «Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart».

Mugalim Private School
Director: Julia Savchenko
Teacher: Zhadyra Sarsenova

Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Oct. 2011

Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart

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