Small Silent Minutes

Tell children the following fairy tale.

In one school children were very noisy. Actually, in all schools children like to create noise, but here they were specially and constantly noisy, not only during breaks, but even during lessons.  All – teachers, the principle, parents and children themselves – were tired of this noise.

Once the principle invited all children to the big hall. When they came, he introduced them the Little Man wearing a blue old-fashioned steeple-crowned hat. He also wore a blue cloak and blue shoes. Seeing him, children started to laugh loudly, because they founded him very funny. They laughed so much, that some of them even fell down to the floor. The Little Man was looking at them and smiling. Everyone could see that he was not angry and did not sulk with them. He was looking and looking, and gradually, one by one, children became silent. Finally there was drop silence in the hall. Then the Little Man said in his soft voice: “My dear giggly children, I an so happy to meet you. I was waiting for this meeting for so long. I ‘ve brought you some gifts.”

The Little Man took out of his sleeve a blue handkerchief, waved it, and many small star-like Silent Minutes appeared in the air. There was soft beautiful music, and Small Silent Minutes started to dance a Dance of Silence.

Say: “Imagine how Small Silent Minutes are dancing in the air around you. One of them comes close to you. It is your Small Silent Minute. It is like small star, silent and wonderful. It sits down onto you shoulder and tells you a short story. Just listen… What story did your Small Silent Minute tell you? Write down it’s story and make an illustration.”

Lubov Drubetskaya,
Workshop of fairy tales and games


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