The children`s creative festival “Our Art Changes the World”

Workshop on Fairy Art

By Maria Degtyareva

The second International children competition “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart” under the aegis of UNESCO started in Peredelkino near Moscow. Its participants write fairy tales, make illustrations and animation films. Instead of official ceremony, the organizers arranged workshops in painting and animation.

Masha Shustova is making illustration to Polish fairy tale “Magic Mountain”. She easily decided how to draw a dragon – it will have seven heads and fiery eyes. It’s not so easy to draw the hero – a boy searching for life-giving water to save his mother. It’s necessary to convey his character. “This boy kills a dragon, although he himself is weak. But he has faith in victory. Now people don’t believe in wonders, but he does believe,” the young participant says.

The task to draw the brave boy was given by Maria Dreznina, an artist and a teacher of the children studio of Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Being an art-therapy specialist, the author of the unique method that helps to bring out child’s full creative potential, Maria is sure that every child is an artist.

The writers centre in Peredelkino turned to a real factory of fairy tales. Now here children are taught to make animation films and write scripts. This is a festival “Our Art Changes the World”, where talented children are learning with professionals. “It is really important to know each other. We don’t know the future of these children, but now they can communicate with each other and with be. This is a wonderful creative process,” Maria Dresnina says.

All these children are the winners of the international competition “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart”. Their works were chosen from 4000 animation films, fairy illustration and magic stories from 20 countries. The President of the organizing committee, Tatyana Shakhnovskaya says: “When we started this competition the idea was to help children have a kind and positive attitude to this world. We want to shoot these workshops and send to different regions. We have participants in small towns and villages, and such methodical support is very important for them.” This is an allcomers competition. The main thing is you should do you art work yourself and with beautiful heart.

The second International children competition “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart” started in Peredelkino

It is a festival of paintings, animation films and fairy tales, united by the theme of tolerance and kind attitude to the world. In premises of the boardinghouse for writers children attended workshops. Commentary by Julia Stepina.

Start of the second competition “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart” took place in the boardinghouse for writers Peredelkino. Within these walls that saw dozens of famous writers the atmosphere itself inspired to create small but masterpieces. The winners of the first competition – young artists, animators and fairy tale writers – came for the festival.

Valery Dobrov, stage director of the international competition “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart”:
— We can learn from children. We should give more attention to children art. If you want to see the future, read fairy tale written by your children. This is really so. Because children are our future. And fairy tales created by them tell us what kind of world we’ll see tomorrow.

In the premises of the boardinghouse for writers children attended workshops. Professionals helped the young talents to improve their skills and opened professional secrets.

The only condition for participants ¬is their age. Anyone can send their paintings to competition and not only excellent students of art schools. The main thing is that the work should express the main idea of this creative competition.

Tatyana Shakhnovskaya, President of the organizing committee of the international competition “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart”:
The topic of the second competition is “How on earth can we live together – we the humans and we with nature?” It means not only different nationalities, traditions, but different physical abilities, for example. Animals also should live peacefully on our planet, and plants. This is ecology. That is why we have different nominations.

The main prize for the winners is a book of their fairy tales and DVD with the best animation films. So the children will see for the first time their name on the book cover and share their art with parents and friends.

Julia Stepina, Juriy Filimonov. TV Centre

How to participate in the Competition “Fairy Tales of a Beautiful Heart”

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